Gels produced by Ultragel (Hungary)

We propose Gels for functional diagnostics and therapy.

Packaging: in bottles 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml and canisters 5000ml, containers 5000ml, bags 5000ml

Ultrasound Gels AquaUltra Basic

Ultrasound gel AquaUltra Basic manufactured by «Ultragel Hungary 2000 Ltd» (Hungary) is universal means of contact which is perfectly suitable for carrying out ultrasound research, therapy and dopplerography.

Physico-chemical characteristics of the gel provide good contact between the ultrasound sensor and patient's skin for excellent visibility of the examined body part. It does not contain fat, leaves no stains, dissolves easily in water and is removed, does not dry out, does not irritate the skin and does not smell. The gel is hypoallergenic and does not contain active ingredients that could damage the probe or ultrasound equipment. Preservatives are non-toxic and are used exclusively within the law. The gel does not contain salt and formaldehyde.

Gel is easily removed from patient's skin and sensor with a napkin after ultrasound procedures.

It is used as contact substance in ultrasound diagnostics

Term of validity: 3 years.

For external use only

Gel for ECG/EEG/DEFI ContiGel

Special electrically conductive gel must be used for obtaining high-quality long term ECG recordings. The composition developed for the gel, in fact, takes into account the improvement of the signal, preventing any kind of anomaly and providing users with constant and reliable control for both long and complicated testing.

Gels for ECG and EEG have high electrical conductivity, best viscosity and don’t cause irritations (pH 5,0 – 9,0).

It is used as electrically conductive environ for ECG electrodes

Term of validity: 3 years.

For external use only

Gel for laser and IPL procedures

Aqualaser IPL Laser Gel – high-viscosity gel was designed specially for laser procedures. It has an increased refractive index compared to standard ultrasound gels.

Gel does not contain fat, is easily removed, completely soluble in water, does not irritate the skin, protected from drying, odorless. It is hypoallergenic and does not contain active substances that can damage the equipment.

It is used for laser and IPL procedures.

Term of validity: 3 years.

For external use only

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