Limited Liability Company «TVEL»

Ukrainian manufacturer of Ultrasound, ECG, EEG gel, compatible thermal paper for video printers.

We also propose ECG electrodes, gel for laser and IPL procedures, chart paper for medical and industrial devices.

  • Own production;
  • Wide range of medical devices and consumables;
  • 10 years on the market;
  • Guaranteed product quality.


We produce our own product range and also propose medical consumables of well-known brands.

We propose Ultrasound gel of own production.

Ultrasound gels produces by TOV “TVEL” could be blue or transparent depending on the request of the customer, they have optimal viscosity, do not spread, do not damage probe, don’t contain salts, oily substances, are easily removed, don’t cause irritations (рН 5,0-9,0).

Gel can be produced in different variants of viscosity: high, medium and low.

Gels for ECG and EEG have high electrical conductivity, best viscosity, don’t cause irritation (рН 5,0-9,0).

Gels can be packed in volumes of 40 grams, 250 grams, 500 grams, 1000 grams, 5000grams.

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We propose diagram thermal paper in rolls and z-fold packs depending on the needs of the cuatomers.

    We have wide range of products:
  • Thermal chart papers for ECG with and without grid , with black-marks on the thermal sensitive side or on the back side, with different type of winding for the rolls, with black-marks on the both sides, with perforation, numerators and different density;
  • Thermal paper for EEG with grid or without; with or without black-marks.
  • Thermal paper for fetal monitors (CTG), which has special type of graphic design which helps to analyze received results. Paper is chosen depending on the model of device, on the paper in addition of cardiogram results arterial and venous pressure and temperature are applied;
  • Thermal paper for laboratory equipment and biochemical devices without grid.
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Thermal paper for video printers is used for printing images of the ultrasound and endoscopic examinations.

We propose original thermal papers for video printers Sony and Mitsubishi.

Also we propose compatible thermal papers for video printers produced by OOO «TVEL» (Ukraine) nd Durico C&T (Korea) as an alternative to the original paper. It has high resolution, optimal grayscale and long shelf life of printed images.

If you have any questions concerning papers for video printers please don’t hesitate to contact us by the phone or e-mail.

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We offer disposable and reusable electrodes produced by Italian manufacturer EF Medica Srl., which are manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards and provide excellent diagnostic performance, which is well known in the European and Ukrainian markets.

Range of electrodes includes electrodes for ECG, electrical stimulation, clamps and suction chest electrodes for comfortable examinations and reliable tests. Electrodes are available in various shapes and sizes, suitable for stress tests, short and long-term monitoring, telemetry and emergency measures.

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Packaging for sterilization is very commonly used in hospitals, clinics, dental offices and all medical institutions where the highest level of hygiene is required. Packaging is available in rolls, both flat and folded, and self-sealing packages.

They are the best solution for storing sterilized disposable and reusable medical devices and surgical instruments of any size and shape. The transparent film allows you to identify immediately the content of the package, it is highly resistant to tears and is sealed to the paper base. Information, instructions and warnings are printed along the welding line using non-toxic water-based inks. Both rolls and packages always goes with steam process indicators.

We offer the best products of the Italian company E.C.S. S.r.l., which has more than 30 years of experience and is a leader in the production of packaging materials and systems for sterilization process control — rolls, self-sealing bags, sterilization paper, control integrators. The success of the company was achieved through consistent and thorough research with an emphasis on innovative and competitive products.

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Industrial chart paper is a consumable for self-recording measuring devices and serves as long-term storage media. According to the type of devices, industrial chart paper is divided into disk, roll and folds.

We offer recording chart papers in rolls and packs, as well as chart disks in accordance with GOST 7826-93. It is possible to produce all kinds of diagram chart papers according to samples or drawings of the customer.

It is used for recording parameters of the self-recording devices which are used in energy, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, chemical and other industries

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We offer products of the well-known brand-names

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We offer wide range of consumables for functional medical diagnostics:



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